Gallery Crawl

The Downtown Arts Alliance is a non-profit comprised of a working board of volunteers. These folks ensure that the Downtown Gallery Crawl shows new fine art from local, regional and national artists six times a year. The board members are involved in many other community organizations and are arts advocates for both visual and performing mediums. The board is dedicated to ensuring that the Crawls stay free and open to the public, while keeping exposure to and education about fine art at the heart of the event.

"Every Crawl, about 20 minutes before it begins, I’m wondering why I do this…and then, when new faces show up, old faces are mingling on the street and in the galleries, and I look through social media the next day to read through the posts, or I see a photo of art hung on a wall that was previously bare, I remember how important a service we provide to the cultural environment of our community. The artists both in our local network and those we bring in from the outside have a great influence on the perceptions and understanding that our 318 folks have of art. Our goal is to break down that barrier. You don’t need to be a certain kind of “cool” to appreciate art, you don’t have to be from a certain side of town. You just have to show up and Crawl with us. “ - Kelsea McCrary, President of the Downtown Arts Alliance, host of the Downtown Gallery Crawl.