Art Galleries

ARRENDER Studio + Gallery

131 Art Alley
By Appointment Only: 318.791.5115


“Work selections for the Crawl can come from connections made at former shows or in our respective professional fields, through our artist network that the Downtown Arts Alliance has helped to build, [even digitally through social media]. Digital media is quickly changing the artistic landscape and changing the old ways of doing things. We look for artists that will exhibit work that will best align with the Crawl’s mission – to educate and expose our 318 community to fine art, in many different forms or mediums, at a free venue. ARRENDER studio is always seeking to bring in something fresh that might push the envelope one Crawl or might uphold traditional artistic ideals the next. Supporting the artist community by guiding the narrative of our shows and bringing in the community to buy from local, regional and national artist…that’s what keeps us opening the doors 6 times a year for this event.” – Brad Arrender, curator and director of ARRENDER studio + gallery.

Big Room Gallery

135 Art Alley
By Appointment Only: 318.381.2110

“Selecting artists and work for showings at the Big Room Gallery is based on the mission of promoting local art and artists, and showing our area a little something different than what they may have come to expect. Most of the art we show is [local]. However, we are not completely limited to Monroe. We have shown work from surrounding areas such as Ruston, Shreveport and even from southern Louisiana. The Big Room Gallery works in conjunction with The Upstairs Gallery to display artists’ work for the Twin City Art [Downtown Gallery] Crawl. We do have other openings and events but the Art Crawl is our primary focus. Usually more than one artist is on display at a time.” – Anna Rowan, curator of the Big Room Gallery

The Downtown Gallery

In Art Alley
By Appointment Only: 318.547.7473

One of the Crawl’s newest member galleries, The Downtown Gallery is on the corner of Art Alley and the railroad tracks, sharing a wall with The Outside Gallery. Rick Sikes, curator, brings in artists from all walks of life, hanging large and small scale works on the walls of his light-filled space. This gallery is bringing a fresh feel to its corner space in the Crawl, with food, drink and art that will surprise the viewer each time.

The Garrett House

520 South Grand St.

“I personally seek artists that are either local or regional to bring in for shows. I am looking for emerging or professional artists that create works that I feel will help enrich our community. I like to look for artists that are doing something a little different than we are used to seeing. I am looking currently or an artist to do some installation work in the Garrett house to shake things up a bit! I want artists at every venue I see them at to inspire me, to engage me, to remind me why I love art. I hope my artists and all of our artists for the Crawls are doing just that." - Brooke Foy, curator of The Garrett House.

The Outside Gallery

North End of Art Alley

Outside Gallery is an experimental outdoor exhibition venue that shows artists working throughout the United States. Our exhibitions are the best; they are huge. We are open 24/7, but only because we are outside. We are a member of the Downtown Arts Alliance and are located at the north end of Art Alley next to the rail road tracks (you can see us from SQ's on the Ouachita).

The Palace Gallery

220 Desiard St. 318.376.3952 or 318.347.7888

Jarod Stokes took over the job of curating The Palace Gallery shows for the Downtown Gallery Crawl about 2 years ago. The Palace Gallery is owned by Portico Church, who decided to become a part of the Gallery Crawls when they moved downtown to help bring life to downtown and be a part of the already wonderfully successful Crawl scene.

“We wanted The Palace to be a hub for things going on downtown and wanted to bring awesome cultural and artistic influences to the Downtown community,” Jarod Stokes explained. Stokes communicates with the artist he selects to show in the space months before Crawl time. He pulls artists from the local community as well as from his network of people he met through college and professionally from surrounding states. Usually the work is hung under directions from the artist just before the Crawl. The last preparations for the Crawl are made by connecting with local restaurants and brewers to provide the refreshments and then it is show time!

Sugar Gallery

135 Art Alley
By Appointment Only: 318.322.1632

“Sugar Gallery consists of six regular artists. Rather than curating the shows, each artist creates new work for each crawl. Sugar artists provide appetizers and occasionally [have] a band or musician to create a festive atmosphere. Sugar occasionally invites a guest artist to show. This gives new artists the opportunity to show their work as well as encourages them to grow. In addition, it gives the opportunity for collectors to find new art pieces. Sugar is a source of inspiration for students aspiring to become artists. The gallery artists love participating in a positive community event that promotes downtown development and provides support and opportunities to local surrounding businesses. Don’t miss out on a fabulous treat known as SUGAR.” - Melanie Douthit, Sugar Gallery resident artist.

You can find Melanie and all of the other great artists at 135 Art Alley in Monroe


135 Art Alley
By Appointment Only: 318.381.2110

“UPSTAIRS shows are totally different for each crawl. Shows remain up for a month, and can be seen by appointment after the crawl. We exhibit established and new artists, and enjoy working with new artists, including university students, to guide them in participating in a gallery crawl. Shows  include a mix of painting, drawing, sculpture, and installation pieces ranging from abstract to representational work. UPSTAIRS was established in 2009, and we hope our love of art is contagious.” - Emily Caldwell, curator of the UPSTAIRS.

You can find Emily and all of the other great artists showing in the UPSTAIRS at 135 Art Alley in Monroe, just take a right at the top of the stairs!